Hotel La Casa

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Hotel La Casa is located on the shore of Lake Batak, in the wonderful mountains region Tsigov Chark, at elevation of 1110 m. Lake Batak is the one of the largest dams in Bulgaria. Tsigov Chark is famous for its clean pinewood air and pleasant year-round mountain climate. It is close to the towns of Batak, Rakitovo, Velingrad and Pazardzhik.


  • The panoramic view of the complex creates a sensation of immediate closeness to the nature. Tsigov Chark is preferable destination for fishing, water sports and recreation. In the vicinity there are several hunting ranches for the enthusiasts with hunting skills. During the winter season there are options for winter sports, and in the summer you can enjoy water sports like canoe-kayak, water ski, paddleboats and boats. With this abundance of attractions, you can always combine your vacation with something different and exciting. Other lakes such as Golyam Beglik, Shiroka Polyana, Toshkov Chark are also nearby. At the same time there are many interesting routes for ecotourism, including the areas of Dzhenevra, Petrovo Bardo and Beglika. Here are also some of the highest peaks in the Batak mountain range, Golyama Syutkya, which is 2168 m, and Batashki Snezhnik 2082 m.

    Complex La Casa offers excellent conditions for recreation and relaxation, combined with comfortable and luxury setting. You can visit our restaurant, where you will be served unique dishes and local specialties. The hotel offers accommodation in apartments and double rooms. The complex also has four individual guests houses, complete furnished with Italian materials and style. If you appreciate fresh mornings and beautiful sunsets, then this will become your favorite vacation place. It is really important to say, that our priority and pleasure would be to make you our regular guests.